The Young Pipeliners Association of Canada (YPAC) is a professional group for early-career individuals in the pipeline industry.  Pipelines are an integral part of Canada’s energy future, and YPAC is committed to building the next generation of leaders for the industry.  We want to shape the future of the pipeline industry so that it can attract and retain top talent.  We do this by enabling two-way dialogue between young pipeliners and key stakeholders in government, industry, and academia on critical topics: Climate Change, Indigenous Reconciliation, Innovation, and Diversity & Inclusion.  Guided by our values of creativity, bold vision, and focus, we are catalyzing change.

YPAC has members who work across multiple parts of the pipeline sector: suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials, equipment and pipe vendors, operators of pipelines, research and development and service professionals.


Build the next generations of pipeline industry leaders


  1. Network: Provide a network of peers to reach out to when you need support, connection, and inspiration
  2. Opportunities: Enable our members to have access to opportunities for development – both personal and professional
  3. Knowledge: Ensure that our members have a great knowledge of what is going on in the industry and the markets through social media and events
  4. Impact: Shape the future of the industry so that it attracts and retains high potential young professionals and advocate for government and industry to engage in two way dialogue with young professionals


Creativity. Bold Vision. Focus.

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