Value To Young Pipeliners Committee

Mandate: to deliver Young Pipeliners’ flagship event – the 2021 YPAC conference and to develop rewarding and meaningful member development programs.

Chair: Katia Greco
2021 Conference Chair: Molly Beckel
Advisor: Stella Cunha
Mentorship Programs Lead: Jeffery Jen
Volunteer Attraction & Retention Lead: Claudia Vasquez

Organizational Success Committee

Mandate: To develop and maintain strong sponsor relationships, and to attract, engage, and retain our industry leader advisor committee.

Chair: Saharsh Shah
Co-Chair: Chris Holliday
Sponsorship Lead: Ian Sug
Engagement and Strategic Development Lead: Souvik Neogi
Outreach Leads: Caitlin deBoer and Zaida Rojas

Impact On Industry Committee

Mandate: Develop and engage with external partners, industry associations, and educational institutions to represent Young Pipeliners and young professionals.

Chair: Aymen Rashid
Technical Committee Lead: Michael Zhou
Industry Forum Lead: Laura Lewis
CGA Representative: Lindsay Drozdiak

Communication, Marketing & Government Engagement Committee

Mandate: Develop and execute a communications and marketing strategy to reach young pipeliners, industry, members of the public, and Canada’s government at all levels to advocate on behalf of young pipeliners and industry professionals.

Chair: Darren Hopkins
Marketing & Social Media Co-Chair: Kshama Roy
Climate Change Strategy Co-Chair: Nameeta Sharma
Government Engagement Co-Chairs: Amanda Chan, Jason Cunha

Impact Advisory Groups

Innovation Council

Mandate: The Innovation Council ensures that YPAC members are integrated into initiatives driving growth, technology adoption, and bold thinking in the pipeline industry. Acting as a Liaison with Avatar Innovations, the Council provides input into engaging young pipeliners in key initiatives.

Chair: Lindsay Drozdiak

Indigenous Inclusion Committee

Mandate: The Indigenous Inclusion Committee (IIC) is responding to the call for inclusion and reconciliation by developing meaningful dialogue and formal programs within YPAC.

Purpose: To create a framework to guide action and accountability for YPAC’s commitment to Indigenous truth and reconciliation.

Want to learn more? The IIC recommends the following materials to get started:

Indigenous Inclusion Co-Chairs: Christa Wheat, Matt Thomas

Advisor: Annie Korver

Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Sub-Committee

Mandate: The Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Sub-Committee enabling young pipeliners to play a leading role in building the energy future. The committee engages young professionals in addressing climate change and reaching net-zero by 2050.

Chair: Nameeta Sharma

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Group

Mandate: The DEI Advisory Group is creating a purposely integrated equity, diversity, and inclusion roadmap to drive further benefit to our membership. The committee will address the emerging global trends of unconscious and systemic bias, race, racism, and anti-racism in the workplace and how all members can show up as allies in this work.

Advisor: Erin Davis