Value To Young Pipeliners Committee

Mandate: to deliver Young Pipeliners’ flagship event – the 2021 YPAC conference and to develop rewarding and meaningful member development programs.

Chair & Mentorship Programs Lead: Katia Greco
2021 Conference Chair: Ishrat Oishee
Advisor: Stella Cunha
Volunteer Attraction & Retention Lead: Claudia Vasquez

Organizational Success Committee

Mandate: To develop and maintain strong sponsor relationships, and to attract, engage, and retain our industry leader advisor committee.

Chair: Saharsh Shah
Co-Chair: Chris Holliday
Sponsorship Lead: Ian Sug
Engagement and Strategic Development Lead: Souvik Neogi
Outreach Leads: Caitlin deBoer and Zaida Rojas

Impact On Industry Committee

Mandate: Develop and engage with external partners, industry associations, and educational institutions to represent Young Pipeliners and young professionals.

Chair: Aymen Rashid
Technical Committee Lead: Michael Zhou
Industry Forum Lead: Laura Lewis
CGA Representative: Lindsay Drozdiak

Indigenous Inclusion Committee

Mandate: The Indigenous Inclusion team is responding to the call for inclusion and reconciliation by developing meaningful dialogue and formal programs within Young Pipeliners.

Indigenous Inclusion Co-Chairs: Kaella-Marie Earle, Christa Wheat, Matt Thomas

Communication, Marketing & Government Engagement Committee

Mandate: Develop and execute a communications and marketing strategy to reach young pipeliners, industry, members of the public, and Canada’s government at all levels to advocate on behalf of young pipeliners and industry professionals.

Chair: Darren Hopkins
Marketing & Social Media Co-Chair: Kshama Roy
Climate Change Strategy Co-Chair: Nameeta Sharma
Government Engagement Leads: Amanda Chan, Jason Cunha