YPAC-CSA Volunteer for Z662 Technical Subcommittees

We’re excited to present opportunities for Young Pipeliners to join and collaborate in one of three Z662 Technical Sub-committees focusing on either Design, Production, or Distribution.

About the Design Technical Subcommittee:

The Design Technical Subcommittee is responsible for the key aspects of the design of new or upgraded pipelines. This includes specification of design conditions, pressure design for pipe and components, flexibility and stress analysis, crossings and the design of facilities as part of a pipeline system. Unique technical aspects of design, such as limit states are also covered by this committee. The scope covers onshore and offshore pipelines and is supplemented by additional requirements for design of distribution, steam and sour service pipelines as provided by other Technical Subcommittees.

About the Production Technical Subcommittee:

The Production Technical Subcommittee has a focus on Upstream pipelines in the standard.  It is directly responsible for Clause 13 (composite pipelines, plastic lined carbon steel pipelines, and free-standing plastic pipelines) and associated Annex Q, Clause 16 (sour service), and Clause 14 and Annex I (steam distribution and production pipelines that run greater than 230oC which are characteristic in thermal oil recovery assets).  The Technical Subcommittee has two Task Forces, Non-Metallics and Hot Pipelines, that report to it.

About the Distribution Technical Subcommittee:

The Distribution Technical Subcommittee covers the requirements specific to gas distribution systems.  Distribution systems include the stations and piping starting at the inlet of the station where the gas is measured, odorized, and/or pressure-regulated or at the outlet of the custody transfer station and ends at the outlet of the customer’s meter set assembly.  Where applicable, Clause 12 makes reference to other clauses in the standard for revisions, additions or exemptions, deemed necessary for the proper applicability to distribution systems.

Role & Responsibilites of the YPAC Volunteer:

  • Attend Technical Subcommittee (TSC) meetings scheduled twice per calendar year.
  • Work with other TSC members to develop, maintain and revise any relevant CSA Z662 clauses in consideration.

How to Apply:

  • Applications are currently closed!
  • If you would like to be considered for a future iteration, please email a copy of your resume to: ypac_csa@ypacanada.com with “Volunteer for Z662 TSC” in the subject line, and be sure to include which subcommittee you’re interested in: Technical, Production, or Distribution

No. of Vacancies & Deadlines:

Each subcommittee has three open positions, for a total of only nine open opportunities, and the application deadline is February 28, 2021