Advisory Board

Industry Advisors

Daryl Ronsky

Daryl has been instrumental in helping Young Pipeliners get off the ground and shape the future direction of the organization. He is currently the Vice President at ROSEN Canada, having served in prior roles at General Electric and Novacorp International. Daryl’s experience is primarily in the pipeline integrity world along with extensive experience in business management.

Deanna Burgart

Deanna is the President of Indigenous Engineering Inclusion and is a Sr. Instructor, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering and Teaching Chair of Integrating Indigenous Knowledge at the University of Calgary.  AISES-Blazing Flame Award winner, Deanna Burgart is a highly sought after expert in uniting diverse communities, through understanding each other and identifying common goals. A Self-Proclaimed ‘Indigeneer’, Deanna dedicates her career to combining Engineering principles and commitments with an Indigenous respect for Mother Earth, to find solutions to today’s challenges. Burgart focuses on the power of integrating Indigenous worldviews, to assist both industry wants and the public needs. 

Tim Egan

Timothy M. Egan became President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Gas Association in September 2010.  Prior to his appointment he was President of High Park Group (HPG), a public affairs consulting firm. He has an undergraduate degree in history from the University of Ottawa, and common and civil law degrees from McGill University. He was called to the Ontario bar in 1995.  Mr. Egan is publisher of the Energy Regulation Quarterly, and editor of the magazine Energy. He also serves as Canada’s representative on the International Gas Union (IGU), sitting on the Executive Committee and serving as North American Regional Coordinator.  Mr. Egan joined the advisory team for Young Pipeliners in 2020.

Carey Arnett

Carey Arnett, President of A&B Pipeliners, is a third generation pipeliner and began her career in 1997 in technical and business development roles with GreenPipe (a pipeline engineering and environmental services firm), where she proceeded to manage the company’s marketing group.  From 2002 to 2004, Carey worked for Ensight Information Services (a geomatics data provider with a focus on pipelines) as Manager of Business Development where she helped grow the company prior to Ensight being acquired by IHS.

Joe Paviglianiti

Joe has donated his time by providing mentoring to the Young Pipeliners Committee and steering the organization in its joint efforts with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Pipeline Systems Division (ASME PSD). He is currently Engineering Technical Leader on the Integrity Management Team at the Canada Energy Regulator (CER). 

Cynthia Hansen

Cynthia is responsible for the overall leadership and operations of Enbridge Gas Inc., following the amalgamation of Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas, as well as Enbridge Gas New Brunswick, Gazifère and St. Lawrence Gas. Cynthia is also Executive Sponsor for Asset and Work Management Transformation across Enbridge working with other business unit leaders.

Kyle Keith

Kyle is Director, Facilities Implementation at TC Energy. The first ten years of his career were at Foothills Pipe Lines (which is now part of the TC Energy system) where he was involved in various design, operations, maintenance, integrity, stakeholder and project roles and activities.  Kyle spent 3 years in the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) as Director, Operations. Kyle returned to TC Energy in 2008 where he has helped various leadership positions in Pipe Integrity, Supply Chain, Business Optimization, Welding/Materials, Engineering and now in Project Execution.

Cédric Bolduc

As the Manager of Maintenance and Integrity for Valero Energy’s Pipelines and Terminal in Montreal, Quebec, Cedric ensures the safe and reliable operation of assets.  Cedric has a background as a fixed equipment engineer with API 653 & 570 certification.  He is experienced in integrity management and inspection of pipelines, tanks, piping based on API, ASME and other codes. Cedric also has strong experience in inspection and repair for fixed equipment in petroleum and process industry.

Dr. Ron Hugo

Ron acts as Young Pipeliners’ primary university liaison at the University of Calgary, providing the Young Pipeliners committee with opportunities to share the exciting developments & opportunities available to students in the pipeline industry. He leads the Pipeline Engineering Centre and is a Professor in the Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Department at the University of Calgary.

Arti Bhatia

Arti has devoted her time and contributed valuable input as a Young Pipeliners advisor. Ms. Bhatia is the Director, Pipeline Services Canada at DNVGL, Det Norske Veritas (Canada) Limited. She has extensive experience in the oil and gas pipeline industry, specializing in the areas of pipeline risk and engineering assessments, research and technology development and application within pipeline engineering, inline inspection programs, pipeline investigations and implementation of management systems, and regulatory compliance.

Sonya Kirby

Sonya has over 20 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry (domestic and international) and has a proven track record in a variety of engineering and leadership positions.  As Vice-President, Canada Gas Projects, at TC Energy, Sonya ensures that new facilities and pipelines are built safely, on time, and on budget.  Previously at TC Energy, Sonya was the Vice-President of Safety, Quality, and Compliance.  Sonya has an engineering degree from the University of Regina and an MBA from the Haskayne School of Business in Calgary.

Dr. Samer Adeeb

Dr. Adeeb is a Professor and Associate Chair (undergraduate program) at the University of Alberta, in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and has been a faculty member since 2007.  In his previous professional experience he was a Stress Analysis Engineer at TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.  Samer’s research includes the effect of material plastic anisotropy on the longitudinal behavior of pipelines, the effect of the geometric variation of the pipeline on its buckling response, the Bourdon effect in pipelines, and the effect of the internal pressure on the failure strain of pipelines with circumferential flaws.

Ken Paulson

Ken Paulson is the Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer with the BC Oil and Gas Commission. Ken has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas sector including more than 15 years in regulatory roles for Canada and the Province of British Columbia. Prior to Ken’s current position, he was the Commission’s Chief Engineer.

Wendy Landry

Wendy Landry is a member of Red Rock Indian Band; she strives to educate non-Indigenous people and corporations about Indigenous people, culture, history, and relations, striking down misconceptions and untruths as she goes. In addition to being the Mayor of Shuniah, Ontario, Wendy is a Sr Advisor, Indigenous, Municipal and Stakeholder relations at Enbridge Inc. With over 25 years of experience in the Public and Private sector including in the correctional field, and as a Professor at Confederation College, Wendy brings significant experience to Young Pipeliners. In April of 2017 Wendy was elected to represent 37 Municipalities as the President of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association.  She is also on the Executive of the Associations of the Municipalities of Ontario.

Honory Beaujot

Honory provides Young Pipeliners with treasury and financial direction in regards to book keeping and budgeting. He is currently a project manager at SNC-Lavalin Inc. and has over twenty years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry.

CEPA & CEPA Foundation Partners

Chris Bloomer

With more than 30 years of experience in the domestic and international energy business, Chris Bloomer leads the industry association that represents Canada’s transmission pipeline companies (CEPA), which operate 134,000 kilometres of pipeline in Canada and the United States.  Prior to being appointed President and CEO of CEPA in 2015, Chris spent three years as CEO and Director at Connacher Oil and Gas Ltd. Before that, he was an executive with Petrobank Energy and Resources for 10 years, providing leadership throughout the company’s corporate evolution.

Patrick Smyth

Patrick Smyth is the former vice president (now retired) of performance at the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) where he and his team worked with industry partners to enhance industry performance and reputation. Prior to joining CEPA in September 2014, Patrick spent seven years in an executive leadership role with Canada’s National Energy Board and eight years in various roles with the province of British Columbia where he split his time between the Ministry of Energy and Mines and Oil and Gas Commission.

Rick Tofani

As the Executive Director of the CEPA Foundation, Rick works together with a full range of pipeline industry participants to share ideas, develop solutions, promote research, and advocate on behalf of the industry. In doing so, CEPA Foundation helps the pipeline industry continue to improve its performance, as it relates to its reputation, safety, reliability, efficiency, technology and environmental responsibility.

Past Young Pipeliners Presidents Advising our Team

Sarah Vandaiyar

Sarah Vandaiyar is an engineer at the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (currently on secondment from TC Energy). Sarah has 10 years of experience working in various sectors of oil and gas, including oil sands and natural gas, with roles in operations, business planning and project engineering. She serves on the International Pipeline Conference (IPC) Foundation Board, the DirectHer Board and is also an independent member on the Canadian Energy Research Institute Research Advisory Committee. Sarah is the former President & CEO of the Young Pipeliners Association of Canada. During Sarah’s two-year term, she developed strategic partnerships with CEPA and represented Young Pipeliners on the CEPA Foundation Board.

Kevin Tsang

Kevin Tsang is a co-founder of the Young Pipeliners Association of Canada and an Engineering Supervisor at Enbridge. He has over 12 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry with roles in safety, engineering, and planning. Through his work with Young Pipeliners, Kevin advocates for the advancement and development of young professionals in the pipeline industry. He has presented on issues related to young professionals at the Banff Pipeline Workshop, led discussions on the future of pipelines at the International Pipeline Conference (IPC), and testified to the Senate of Canada’s Standing Committee on Transport and Communications regarding Canada’s pipeline needs. Kevin is also an executive committee member with the ASME Pipeline Systems Division and a member on the organizing committee for the IPC 2020.

Tran Mah-Paulson

Tran is a past-president of Young Pipeliners, and has been advising the organization for over five years. With a history working with pipeline industry organizations: PRCI, ASME, CGA, CEPA and API, Tran works as a Senior Engineer with ATCO. Tran has over 10 years of experience with his previous employer, T.D. Williamson, maintaining and repairing facilities piping and pipelines. Tran has an engineering degree from the University of Alberta and an MBA from Queens University.

Peter Tanchak

Peter is a past-president of Young Pipeliners and has been involved with Young Pipeliners since 2012 in its inaugural year.  Beyond Young Pipeliners, he has been involved with ASME PSD actively, the International Pipeline Conference, CEPA + Foundation, and the CGA.  He graduated from the Civil Engineering Internship program at the University of Calgary in 2010.  Peter is currently a development engineer at Enbridge focusing on the future development of their liquid pipeline assets.  In prior Enbridge roles he has led operational optimization initiatives and customer focused long term infrastructure solutions.  In his early career years he was involved with the front end design planning stages of major North American pipeline projects such as the Alaska Pipeline Project (APP) and Coastal GasLink (GCL).  When not working, Peter enjoys following and staying in tune with the latest happenings in the pipeline political & business world.  With regards to sports he enjoys playing hockey, golf, skiing, and running.