Vision & Mission

Creativity.  Bold Vision.  Focus.

Young Pipeliners is building the next generation of pipeline industry leaders.

The guidance, mentorship and sponsorship of our advisors has been an integral part of developing influence and delivering valuable programming to Young Pipeliners members. 


2020 Accomplishments

Providing a network of peers to reach out to when you need support, connection, and inspiration

  • Continued to grow our member base, now exceeding 2100 active members
  • Added two new chapters, University of Western Ontario Student Chapter and the Atlantic Chapter
  • Launched the Young Pipeliners Mentorship Program

Enabling our members to have access to opportunities for development; both personal and professional

  • Launched a new CSA Collaboration Opportunity
  • UBC – PII Scholarship funded
  • Guiding Queen’s University Capstone Research Projects
  • Connected Young Pipeliners with Government Ministers: Hon. O’Regan & Hon. Savage
  • Strengthened relationships with existing partner organizations included CEPA, CEPA Foundation, PRCI, and CGA

Delivering knowledge to members and facilitating the stewardship of the pipeline industry

  • Hosted 28 Chapter Events
  • Delivered 7 YPAC x Avatar Program Skill-building events
  • IPC – YEEC Committee Delivers two events

Shaping the industry so that it attracts and retains high potential young professionals and clearly articulating and leading our bold vision of the future

  • Continued to build a strong social media presence
  • Generated Media coverage through the YPAC x Avatar Program
  • Launched Indigenous Inclusion Committee and Knowledge Building Seminar

Looking Forward

  • Clearly articulate Young Pipeliners’ vision of the future and shares our vision broadly through social media; communicate with key stakeholders and the public at large
  • Engage with government on policy and decision making
  • Continue to organize meaningful events across Canada to promote industry knowledge transfer and professional development
  • Strengthen Canada’s presence in the global young pipeliners community