We have great volunteer opportunities available for the Banff Pipeline Workshop (April 13 – 16, 2015), complemented by free registration for all who volunteer.
Once names are provided, promo codes will be created and sent to each individual. There are three types of positions available as listed below. If you are interested, please email Kacie at kcrooks@aerotek.com with your name, availability, and position(s) you would like to fill by March 28th. This is a great opportunity to attend the conference, network amongst the industry, and save $250 on registration fees! Once volunteers are identified we will send out more information on travel and accommodation options.

1. Amazing Race Down to Banff

This is an icebreaking event that takes place on Monday evening (after the conference).  After the event they are hosting a dinner that you would also be able to attend.

4 volunteers are needed on April 13th starting at 5:30 and lasting until 8 or 9pm (including dinner)

You would be responsible for registering participants, organizing teams, and then heading out to some of the check points to qualify contestants as they progress through the course.  You would then attend a networking dinner in Banff.

2. Onsite Registration Support

Registration table, checking people in and issuing badges.

Monday 6:45am – 1pm: 4 people at registration
Monday 6:45 – noon: 2 hosts
Tuesday 7:15am – 1pm: 2 people at registration
Tuesday: 7:30-noon:  1 host
Wednesday 7:15am – 10am: 1 person at registration
Wednesday 7:30 – 9:30am: 1 host
Training/orientation Sunday 11-2 (just stop in anytime during that time)

Registration will include checking people in and issuing badges.  Hosts will be directing people, answering questions etc.

3. Rapporteurs

Sitting in on technical workshops

There are 12 Working Groups conducting Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Details of the topics can be found here:http://banffpipelineworkshop.com/work.php
Each working group has 2-4 sessions of 1.5 hours year.  Schedule can be found here: http://banffpipelineworkshop.com/program.php
If you are interested in volunteering for this role please view the topics discussed and list 2-3 topics you would be comfortable with, along with your availability and time commitment you are open to (min 2 hours, up to 6/day).  11 spots are available.

The Rapporteur will sit in on the Sessions and take minutes.  The sessions are open discussion format with a facilitator.  It’s not necessary to edit the notes to be “publish ready,” however they should be legible enough to make sense for someone to read them.  The volunteers should have a basic understanding of the topic to at least recognize the terms being discussed