Introducing the Innovations in Pipeline Engineering webinar series!

As current worldwide situation has pushed our discussions online, Northern Crescent and the Young Pipeliner’s Association of Canada (YPAC) have partnered up to launch a monthly webinar series tackling new innovations in the pipeline space. Our goal is to feature not only various innovative technical solutions offered by both industry professionals and academia, but also how the energy landscape is evolving from a pipeline engineering perspective.

Our first webinar will feature Dr. Emilio Martinez-Paneda from Imperial College London, who will delve into a discussion on ‘Virtual Testing of Components Subjected to Hydrogen Embrittlement and Stress Corrosion Cracking’ to show the importance of hydrogen embrittlement for injecting hydrogen into your natural gas pipelines.

About the Speaker

Dr Emilio Martinez-Paneda is an Associate Professor (UK Senior Lecturer) in Mechanics of Materials at Imperial College London, where he leads the Mechanics of Infrastructure Materials Lab. Prior to joining Imperial College as an Assistant Professor (UK Lecturer) in September 2019, Dr Martinez- Paneda was an 1851 Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. His research interests span a wide range of topics within applied mechanics; from chemo-mechanical fracture to small scale plasticity. Dr Martinez-Paneda has published more than 50 scientific papers in the best journals of the field and received numerous prestigious awards and fellowships for his contributions. Among others, Dr Martinez-Paneda is the recipient of RILEM’s Gustavo Colonetti Medal, SEMNI’s Simó Prize, IMechE’s Prestige Award for Risk Reduction in Mechanical Engineering and the Royal Academy of Engineering UK’s Young Engineer of the Year award.