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Our next learnings session is on May 26 from 1230 – 2 MT (230 – 4 ET)
Wendy generously shared her teachings at the YPAC Indigenous Knowledge Building Session back in the fall of 2020. In addition to being the Mayor of Shuniah, Ontario, Wendy is a Sr Advisor, Indigenous, Municipal and Stakeholder relations at Enbridge Inc. With over 25 years of experience in the Public and Private sector including in the correctional field, and as a Professor at Confederation College, Wendy brings significant experience to Young Pipeliners. In April of 2017, Wendy was elected to represent 37 Municipalities as the President of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association. She is also on the Executive of the Associations of the Municipalities of Ontario. Wendy Landry is a member of Red Rock Indian Band; she strives to educate non-Indigenous people and corporations about Indigenous people, culture, history, and relations, striking down misconceptions and untruths as she goes.
The Quarterly learnings focus on Indigenous history, culture, recognition of nationhood and sovereignty in negotiation processes, Land agreements, pipeline ROW, pipelines through traditional territories or contemporary issues relevant to the pipeline industry.

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