Natural gas is an affordable, reliable and the foundational fuel for a clean energy future when partnered with renewables. When pipeline industry employees engage in grassroots conversations about Natural Gas with their community it is critical that they have a toolbox of information that is accurate, tested, effective, and speaks to the enduring role of natural gas throughout the decades to come.

The INGAA Foundation’s Public Policy and Communications Committee led by their Advocacy Alliance team has been working on several projects studying how different demographics and generations see the natural gas industry.

Representatives from our various YPP groups around the world will be featured in the webinar to discuss how the natural gas industry is portrayed in their region, the types of messaging being utilized to talk about the natural gas industry, and how the natural gas industry will fit in their clean energy future.

Speaker Bio:
Susan Waller, Executive Director, Natural Allies for Clean Energy
Susan is currently the executive director for Natural Allies for Clean Energy, a national coalition that works to engage and inform policymakers and the public about the critical role natural gas plays in a clean energy future. Natural Allies’ members are aligned with natural gas as our nation’s best foundational energy and the essential role it plays in cleaner air, the growth of renewable energy sources and the fight against climate change. Susan has over 35 years working in the energy industry and is committed to educating decisionmakers and energy consumers on the complete story of natural gas and its integral role in our ongoing quest for a low-carbon future.