Reconciliation and the Law

As part of the Rise Sharing Knowledge series, Sandy Carpenter and Annie Korver are leading a discussion about Reconciliation and the Law, on October 5, 2021, from 12-1pm MDT.

Reconciliation can be shaped by many forces. One of the greatest influences on reconciliation (or not) in Canada has been “the law”, including Canada’s Constitution. In the not-so-distant past, Canada’s Constitution established which level of non-Indigenous government could impose policies on Indigenous Peoples, including lands and culture. More recently, constitutional change has led to the recognition and definition of Aboriginal rights, the imposition of the duty to consult and accommodate and the Honour of the Crown, and, arguably, accelerated Indigenous Peoples’ participation in Canada’s economy and society. 

Grab your lunch (if it’s lunch time) and join Sandy and Annie as they explore the intersection between reconciliation, “the law” and the rising presence of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, including the incredible growth of the Indigenous economy and stories of co-creation between Indigenous communities and corporate Canada. We’ll leave time for questions prior to the end of the session and ensure we’re done a few minutes before the hour so you have time to prepare for whatever is next in your day.

All event proceeds will be donated to NiGinNan Housing Ventures, an organization dedicated to providing supportive affordable housing opportunities for Indigenous people in Edmonton, Alberta.