Join the Young Pipeliners Association of Canada (YPAC) Edmonton Chapter for a panel discussion featuring Senator Simons and Senator Black. Topics discussed will include an introduction to involvement in the climate change space, the role the pipeline industry may play in the energy transition, and how young professionals can be involved.

About Senator Paula Simons:

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Paula Simons earned a B.A. Honours degree in English Literature from the University of Alberta, and a Master’s degree in Journalism from Stanford University, before spending time as a fellow at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. 

She has been a radio documentary-maker, a playwright, a television pundit, a magazine writer, a podcaster, and an author of popular history, but she is best known for her work as a political columnist and investigative journalist with the Edmonton Journal.

To learn more about Senator Simons, please visit: Senator Paula Simons (

To learn more about Senator Simons, please visit: Senator Paula Simons (

About Senator Doug Black:

The Honourable Doug Black, Q.C. was elected by Albertans as a Senator-in-Waiting on April 23, 2012. In that election, he received the most votes of any elected representative in Canada before or since. He was subsequently appointed to the Senate of Canada on January 25, 2013. Today, he continues to be an active Senator on behalf of Albertans.

Senator Black introduced Bill S-245 Trans Mountain Pipeline Project Act and was the founding president of the Energy Policy Institute of Canada, the organization dedicated to the development of a Canadian energy framework. He is also the co-founder of Alberta2.0, a group of Alberta leaders who have developed a roadmap for a more robust and resilient Albertan economy.

To learn more about Senator Black, please visit:Senator Douglas Black (