The first YPAC Article Club will take place (Via Zoom):

Date & Time: September 22nd, 2020 at  5-7:00pm (MST)                

Event Facilitators: Laura Brown and Sukhi Gill 


Event Summary: The YPAC article club is intended to mirror a book club, but replacing books with short stories and articles about the energy industry! The intention of the article club is to generate dialogue on how the energy industry impacts business, economics, and the environment through short stories and articles. We will kick off the series by reading articles written by Peter Tertzakian’s articles on Energyphile. Energyphile is intended to help individuals learn from the past, understand the present and plan for the energy future. To learn more about Energyphile you can visit the website here.


Join us on a discussion on how  we utilize energy sources in our day-to-day lives and compare it to how the world utilized energy sources in 1915, as discussed in “Alfred Dickies Utility Bill”. Attendees will discuss barriers in today’s society for adopting green energy and how consumer attitudes have changed towards energy over the past 100 years and much more!

Space is Limited – To secure your spot register in advance for this meeting: 

Date & Time: September 22, 2020 at 5-7:00pm (MST)

Event Facilitators: Laura Brown and Sukhi Gill