Our guest speaker will take you on a journey to explore energy outlook and demand in a post-covid world.  We’ll also discuss and consider how the Canadian government should plan economic stimulus to enable Canadian businesses,  specifically in the Oil and Gas sector.

Speaker: Aaron Henry from the Canadian chamber of commerce

Aaron Henry is the Senior Director of Natural Resources and Sustainable Growth at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. His experience spans public policy related to modernization of our regulatory system, carbon pricing regimes and standards, and improving access for Canadian resources in global markets. Most recently, he was advocated the federal government on measures it can take to ensure the resource sector can drive Canada’s economic recovery and further effective climate action. 

 Prior to joining the Canadian Chamber, Aaron worked as an academic and later with the federal government both in the Department of Natural Resources and on a joint foresight initiative with Policy Horizons and the Privy Council Office. Aaron holds a doctorate in political economy and sociology and maintains a position as an adjunct research professor at Carleton University.


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