Young Pipeliners Panel: Peering Down the Pipeline

Monday, Sept 26, 2016 / 5pm to 7pm @ the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 700 Centre Street SE

The purpose of the YPAC forum is to develop a connection between people working in the pipeline industry and young students and professionals by highlighting the changes the industry has seen and providing insight to where there are opportunities to lead and innovate.

This forum would address two issues:

  1. Where the opportunities are for young professionals (target audience) in pipeline industry beyond the traditional engineering/tech streams and how they can get involved and find success.
  2. How is the pipeline industry changing to adapt to the environment that it operates in now and proactive measures to capture opportunities in the future.

Changes to the environment that the pipeline industry operates in have driven industry to lead and innovate to deal with new challenges such as regulatory approval, the economy, and stakeholder engagement. Most young professionals today are the highest educated, diverse, and most technologically engaged generation in the workforce population. How do we leverage this workforce to drive innovation and leadership in the pipeline industry?

By providing an open forum that discusses the direction of industry issues such as resourcing, operations, and the economic environment, the conversation that arises can provides insight to where new graduates and young professionals can make the largest impact in their careers and where industry may need to innovate.

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Panel Presenters

What does the future look like for the world of pipelines? Please join our panel discussion by young pipeliners for young pipeliners as we discuss where the industry is heading, where it needs to innovate, and hopefully, as pipeliners, what can we be optimistic and inspired about in the coming years.

The esteemed members of the panel are:

  • Karen Radford, Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer, Enbridge Inc.
  • Terri Steeves, Vice President, Natural Gas Pipeline Projects, TransCanada Pipelines
  • Samir Kayande, Director, RS Energy Group

Each speaker will have 7-10 minutes presentations with a forum discussion at the end. We intend to segue the forum into a networking event at the IPC Ice Breaker.

Our targeted panel speakers will be nominated individuals who have had senior level experience that fit within the experience guidelines of the forum.