The location chapter committees are responsible for event planning within their region, volunteer management, outreach, and engagement with educational institutions.

Mission: To identify, develop and implement accessible networking, educational and industry exposure opportunities for their region.

You like to plan and coordinate high quality events. You have a passion for learning as well as creating educational opportunities. You like to network and build relationships.


  • Develop a local network.
  • Grow an engaged membership across in your region/university including mentorship programming, event development and other unique and creative activities.
  • Ensure the development of high quality events which promote knowledge transfer, discussion and learning for young pipeliners.
  • Advocate for young pipeliners in your area.
  •  Grow and engage the volunteer committee

Calgary: Molly Beckel

Edmonton: Nancy Manchak

Vancouver: Graham Pavlik

UCalgary: Katia Greco & Dan Johnston