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Educating and engaging young Canadians interested in the pipeline industry.

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Young Pipeliners’ purpose is to connect individuals interested in sharing knowledge and/or learning about pipelines. There are no specific requirements for becoming a member of Young Pipeliners.  Our events are targeted towards early-career pipeline industry individuals.

Young Pipeliners members have exclusive access to our events, industry opportunities, and a large network of peers.  Although membership is free, being a Young Pipeliners member is a valuable part of building your career, removing barriers to development, building knowledge and accessing senior industry expertise. We have members working across Canada in multiple parts of the pipeline sector and a wide array of professional fields.

Our Members

Young Pipeliners is a Canada-wide network with over 2200 current members. There is no commitment to attend events; as a Young Pipeliners member, you may attend as few or as many events as you like.

Our members are early-career professionals at suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials, equipment and pipe vendors, operators of pipelines, engineering service providers, research and development organizations, and government and regulatory bodies. Having a diverse membership base contributes to our success and enables professional connections to build outside of companies, professional fields, and regions.  Although there are no age restrictions for becoming a member, Young Pipeliners primarily aims to serve individuals with less than 10 years of pipeline industry experience. 

Our student chapters focus their efforts on serving the needs of individuals attending university and technical institutes in pipeline-related fields including business, engineering, science, and key pipeline construction trades.


Membership lasts as long as you want it to. To cancel your Young Pipeliners membership, or for any other membership assistance, please send an email to