YPAC is a volunteer run association which pursues its vision with support of it’s partners & sponsors. The structure of the association made up of four key committees:



YPAC is very happy to provide a platform to shape the pipeline industry, make connections, learn and improve personal skills. Below are just some examples, if you have a good idea or suggestions let us know!

Central Executive Committee

YPAC President & CEO – Sarah Vandaiyar

YPAC Treasurer – Kevin Tsang

Sponsorship – Peter TanchakJohn Milner 

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Strategic Execution Committees

Engagement of Young Pipeliners Committee (VYPC)

Folks who build and keep pipelines safe are mostly regular folks (except for our robot pigs). Your neighbor,  team-mate, person in front of the line, or distant relative could be involved directly or indirectly with using tubes to transport useful things. Highlight that it’s a very small world by finding ways for YPAC to be part of the community.

Build relationships with educational institutions to make sure everyone who is interested can learn more.

Build relationships with senior leaders of pipeline companies to help encourage YPAC involvement while at the same learning how YPAC can help the industry get better.

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Impact on Industry Committee (IIC)

Research and build relationships with external organizations.

Collaborate with local chapters to organize non-technical events to engage broader pipeline community.

YPAC is already involved with a large number of industry organizations and works on wide range of industry initiates, help us make it more obvious.

 I’d love to help !

Organizational Success Committee (OSC)

As we grow so does our membership base. Help keep everything organized so our members get the most out of being in YPAC and YPAC can better serve its members.

YPAC functions thanks to our sponsors and industry partners. We are looking to revamp our relationships to bring more value to our partners and YPAC.

Growth means getting organized but not getting bogged down in processes. Help YPAC stay an organized, nimble, effective and fun to be a part of.

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Communication, Marketing & Government Engagement Committee (CMC)

There is always a lot to talk about pipelines. Help develop communications that reflect YPAC’s values.

We want to look good and be recognized while we are making the pipeline industry better. Is the secret in a great websites, branded socks, partnerships with local events, or more YPAC pens? Help us figure it out.

We want to make it easy for people to learn about pipeline industry and what YPAC is up-to. Help us make that possible by keeping our Myspace page up to date (if you know other social media sites let us know as well).

 I DO like making things better !

Regional Chapters

The success of YPAC depends on local events and networks.  Help build community within your region.

We want to be represented by influential, committed, and creative young pipeliners across Canada.

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