Being a YPAC partner means being more than a financial sponsor.  It means providing long-term advisory capacity, strategic planning assistance, and enabling access to industry opportunities and professional development for our team. CEPA and ASME Pipeline Systems Division both helped found Young Pipeliners and continue to provide the organization with support and guidance.

In addition to being a significant funding contributor, CEPA provides Young Pipeliners with strategic guidance, industry insight, and access to invaluable opportunities for our executives to challenge themselves and to grow skills beyond their day to day work.  Through our partnership with CEPA, YPAC has been able to expand the reach of our membership and message across Canada with chapters spanning the entire country.

As a result of CEPA’s support of Young Pipeliners, we have been able to launch several key initiatives including our Indigenous Inclusion work, the YPAC UBC Pipeline Engineering Scholarship, and the virtual infrastructure that enabled the wildly successful YPAC x AVATAR program.

The guidance from CEPA on Government Engagement has supported Young Pipeliners’ ability to conduct our Senate testimonies on Bill C-69 and Bill C-48, in addition to our first parliament visit.  CEPA also provides Young Pipeliners with support on improving our governance, reporting, and organizational structure.

Young Pipeliners’ partnership with CEPA Foundation enables excellent opportunities for professional development and exposure to senior industry professionals across the pipeline supply chain for Young Pipeliners members and executives. Through Young Pipeliners’ ex-oficio role on the CEPA Foundation board, we are able to engage in two-way dialogue with leadership. Attending CEPA Foundation events and volunteering on committees are opportunities that are open to Young Pipeliners through our partnership. As a member of the CEPA Foundation, Young Pipeliners also has access to extensive cross-industry collaborative resources, studies, and reports.

ASME PSD was part of the team that helped found Young Pipeliners, and their ongoing advisory capacity has enabled the organization to grow, thrive, and succeed. In addition to being an annual financial contributor, and conference sponsor, ASME PSD provides Young Pipeliners excellent professional development opportunities through ex-oficio roles on the ASME PSD committee. Our partnership with ASME PSD enables ongoing access to senior technical leaders and improves pipeline industry knowledge transfer.

Association Partners

The Young Pipeliners proudly partners with industry associations throughout Canada and around the world including:

  • University of British Columbia Pipeline Integrity Institute (UBC PII)
  • University of Calgary Pipeline Engineering Centre (PEC)
  • Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI)
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Canadian Gas Association (CGA)
  • International Pipeline Conference (IPC)
  • Avatar Innovations
  • Young Pipeliners International (YPI)


You can read our 2021 Sponsorship Report below!