Strategic Plan-E

What are our missions?

Be a Canada-wide network focused on the attraction, engagement and retention of young professionals to the pipeline industry.

Provide opportunities to the full spectrum of young professionals employed in the pipeline industry to learn the breadth and depth of the business.

Facilitate knowledge transfer between young professionals and from more experienced to younger professionals, and, as a result, retain industry memory and facilitate succession.

Look for opportunities to influence the direction of the industry by providing a young professional perspective to issues of importance.


Why become an executive?

Build Your Personal Network: YPAC facilitates strong connections, from young professionals to veterans of the industry.

Enable Accelerated Development: YPAC provides exclusive access to a range of industry and learning resources that enable accelerated development for young pipeliners.


What are our Strategic Initiatives?

Value to Young Pipeliners: To identify, develop and implement accessible networking, educational and industry exposure oppourtunities for young pipeliners

Impact on Industry: To evaluate, collaborate, and advocate for young pipeliners across the Canadian pipeline space

Organizational Success: To develop, implement, and optimize our organizational infrastructure to ensure YPAC's long term success

Communication: To develop, implement and optimize an integrated communication plan to ensure effective engagement across the Canadian pipeline space


Are you looking to be a leader (chair) of a committee?

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Below are the committees you can volunteer with:

Strategic Execution Committees

Value to Young Pipeliners Committee (VYPC)
Impact on Industry Committee (IIC)
Organizational Success Committee (OSC)
Communication & Marketing Committee (CMC)

Location Chapter Committees

Vancouver and Greater British Columbia
Toronto and Area
Great Prairies
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