How are we structured?

Why become an executive?

Build Your Personal Network: YPAC facilitates strong connections, from young professionals to veterans of the industry.

Enable Accelerated Development: YPAC provides exclusive access to a range of industry and learning resources that enable accelerated development for young pipeliners.

What do the committees do?

Building the next generations of pipeline industry leaders requires creativity, bold vision, and focus. Our regional and student chapters, along with our strategic execution committees are committed to accomplishing YPAC’s missions.

YPAC Organizational Missions:

  1. Reduce the barriers to opportunities for career development
  2. Catalyze and sustain meaningful professional networks
  3. Influence the future of the industry and advocate for Young Pipeliners
  4. Enable efficient and effective knowledge transfer

Regional and Student Chapters 

  1. Deliver great events for members
  2. Create a meaningful network for young pipeliners

Organizational Success

  1. Maintain and develop strong sponsor relationships
  2. Engage, retain, and attract advisors

Impact on Industry

  1. Manage external partnerships with industry associations, educational institutions, and companies
  2. Engage with Technical and Code Committees to ensure that YPAC is represented

Communications, Marketing, Government Engagement

  1. Develop and execute a communications and marketing strategy to reach young pipeliners, industry, and members of the public
  2. Develop and execute a government engagement strategy to reach municipal, provincial, and federal leaders to advocate on behalf of young pipeliners

Value to Young Pipeliners

  1. Ensure that members and volunteers have a rewarding and meaningful experience across Canada
  2. Deliver our flagship event – the 2021 YPAC conference
  3. Represent YPAC at Young Pipeliners International

Want to Volunteer?

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