Mission: To develop, implement and optimize an integrated communication plan to ensure effective engagement across the Canadian pipeline space.

You love to write articles that highlight successes and challenges. You love to find ways to advocate in various forms of media – social media, newspapers, videos, magazines. You want to make sure all the good things happening are communicated promptly, effectively and efficiently.


  • Ensures the development and implementation of a media engagement strategy
  • Ensures the development of articles and content for various forms of media
  • Creates a government engagement strategy and co-ordinates media releases on policy issues
  • Develops and deploys content to members of YPAC
  • Develops and enhances the website for use by the public and young pipeliners
  • Advocates for young pipeliners in the pipeline space
  • Grow and engage a committee pertaining to communication

CMC Chair – Ilma Gunic

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