Mission: To evaluate, collaborate and advocate for young pipeliners across the Canadian pipeline space.

You love to network and can create value propositions like no tomorrow. You can sell an idea and at the same time maintain and grow relationships.


  • Develop solid relationships with external pipeline related organizations (pipeline companies, suppliers, vendors and service companies)
  • Engage with code and technical committees to enable succession planning and ensure young pipeliners are engaged
  • Improve YPAC executive engagement with senior industry associations such as CSA, PRCI, CGA, IPC and CAPP
  • Diversify YPAC membership to include representation from the indigenous community as well as the non-technical community while ensuring YPAC maintains as a highly valuable organization
  • Improve the reputation and credibility of YPAC to pipeline companies, vendors and suppliers, regulators and government agencies as well as the public
  • Advocates for young pipeliners in the pipeline space.
  • Grow and engage a committee pertaining to impact on industry.

IIC Chair – Michael Zhou

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