Get to know Chad Gray, Southwestern Ontario Chapter Co-Chair

  1. Name one item you can’t travel without and why My phone – with Google Maps. I always have pre-downloaded maps on my phone with ‘starred’ locations of places I want to visit. If you look at my Google Maps, I have multiple ‘starred’ locations in all the countries I’ve visited – neat reminder of where I’ve been.
  2. Outside of YPAC, I’m passionate about… I am passionate about spending time outdoors. I really enjoy backcountry camping, biking, hiking, canoeing, etc. I find it incredibly relaxing to spend time outside, and think its essential to my mental health! Its easy as an engineer to get stuck in the office for weeks at a time (or months thanks to COVID!) I need that ‘fresh air’ to keep my mind fresh.
  3. Best advice you’ve ever received? Don’t get lost in the details – avoid analysis paralysis and take chances. It’s easy to over think things, and spend too much time up front on executing projects. Do your due diligence up front, but make a decision and stick with it. As you start solving problems and executing, I find you end up pivoting from your initial plan anyways. So be brave, take chances and pivot as things come up.
  4. What new or rediscovered hobbies are you doing while practicing social distancing? I’ve been doing a lot of woodworking over the last month. A friend of mine asked if he could store all of his tools at my house (miter saw, table saw, etc.) and ever since I’ve been watching YouTube videos on a various things to build! So far I’ve built a cedar outdoor sectional & new gate for our backyard. Next up – a Tiki bar!
  5. How do you think the Canadian pipeline industry will change over the course of your career? The Canadian pipeline industry definitely struggles with the diverse views in Canada on growth in the fossil fuel sector. Where I see constructive overlap, is in the development of natural gas pipelines. What I’m seeing as the biggest change happening now (and will continue) is the consideration of climate change in these projects. Over the course of my career, I think the industry continue to consider climate change impacts, and see natural gas as an effective bridge to this transition. I am hoping the Canadian pipeline industry can capitalize on global energy demand growth, by building out export pipelines responsibly, and with the consideration of climate change in mind.