Get to know Lincoln Sekkappan, Regina Chapter Chair

  1. Name one item you can’t travel without and why  My Backpack, phone and phone charger  as I have always kept the nitty gritty things in this two things including every aspects in my life.
  2. Outside of YPAC, I’m passionate about…  I am really passionate about outdoor sports (cricket) as I am following it for more than 20 years  along with its data statistics. I like the life skills perspectives it brings to audience through its various formats.
  3. Best advice you’ve ever received?  Some childhood morale boosting proverbs such as Time and Tide waits for none, Where there is a will there is always a way out and Nothing is Impossible.
  4. What book have you drawn the most inspiration from?  5 AM club, Catalyst, Alchemist and Winning way (A must read for every cricket and Business strategy lovers)
  5. How you think the Canadian pipeline industry will change over the course of your career? I would see  a progressive perspective, Pipeline (Right of way ) connecting the whole Canada from coast to coast (Halifax to Vancouver) providing the country a self reliance in all its resources ranging from oil to water.