Get to know Tiffany Aviss, 2021 YPAC Conference Co-Chair

  1. How would you spend an afternoon in a new city?  Doing a self led walking tour around the main attraction areas, or if the opportunity presents itself, going on local hike where I can get a birds eye view of the city from above!
  2. When you’re flying, are you all about the window seat or the aisle seat?  Window seat. Don’t have to get up for others having to go to the bathroom, don’t get knocked in the shoulder in the aisles, and can sleep without being disturbed. Also looking out the window during take off and landing is always the best.
  3. Name one item you can’t travel without and why?  Hand cream. Have it in my purse, office, car, beside my computer currently, everywhere! I have super dry skin. If I forget this, I will cough up the $10 and buy that inflated price cream at the airport.
  4. Outside of YPAC, I’m passionate about…The outdoors. I love hiking and car camping. Typically hike once a week during fall/summer/winter. So lucky to be living so close to the Rockies!
  5. What new or rediscovered hobbies are you doing while practicing social distancing?  Cooking comfort food, trying new recipes, yoga, having more time to play the piano and sleeping in now that I don’t have to wake up early for my big drive to Cochrane.