Get to know Tina Ham , UCalgary Chapter Co-Chair

  1. Why DID you join YPAC? After gaining some experience in the midstream industry during my internship, I wanted to broaden my knowledge of the industry and YPAC was the perfect platform to do so. I saw YPAC as an opportunity to gain inspiration and guidance for my future career and build lasting relationships with other students and industry professionals. As the UCalgary Chapter chair, I am thrilled to act as a liaison to the university campus and contribute in providing the next generations of young pipeliners and industry leaders.
  2. Outside of YPAC, I’m passionate about… Teaching. Even though I am a student myself, I have continuously enjoyed tutoring and teaching younger students in my favourite subjects. It is very rewarding to be able to share not only my technical knowledge but to inspire and motivate others which in turn, inspires me. Aside from my work and studies, I also love food! I am always wanting to try out new restaurants and menus and have been working on improving my own cooking and baking. I’m also interested in health and fitness,  beauty and fashion, dancing, music, and spending time with loved ones. 
  3. Your tried and true coronavirus cabin-fever buster? I walked to and from school everyday from elementary to high school where I dreaded it, probably due to the uphill route plus my heavy backpack. These days, I love going for walks whether that’s around my neighbourhood or elsewhere with some greenery. I learned to appreciate the little things of having clean air to inhale and having two legs to walk with. It acts as an escape from everything going on and allows me to empty my head and be grateful for nature. Coronavirus has truly shown me why dogs get so excited to go for walks.
  4. Best advice you’ve ever received? A recent quote that stuck with me is “Over analysis leads to paralysis.” Sometimes, you just have to do it and see where it takes you, and remember to always be flexible!
  5. From who or from where do you draw inspiration? I draw inspiration from my family. My parents have taught me to be humble and hungry. I can look to them to offer me new perspectives and help me see the little ray of sunshine in all difficult situations. I am extremely grateful for my parents to have overcome the many hardships that come with immigration to provide me with a foundation to succeed that they might not have had. Therefore, I am inspired by wanting to make them proud!