The Organizational Success Committee (OSC) is a Strategic Execution Committee with a mission to achieve the strategic initiative within the strategic plan.

Mission: To develop, implement and optimize the organizational infrastructure to ensure YPAC’s long term success.

You like to set-up organizations for success through process development and implementation. You want to grow organizations from the inside and recruit people for a cause. Loves to develop value propositions to sell the organization to members of the pipeline industry.


  • Grows the number of volunteers engaged with YPAC committees
  • Works to ensure sponsorship growth in repeat sponsors, number of sponsors and cash flow
  • Ensures a highly diverse executive across Canada.
  • Ensures an engaged and diverse strategic advisory board to ensure the transfer of knowledge from experienced professionals to young professionals.
  • Advocates for young pipeliners in the pipeline space.
  • Grow and engage a committee pertaining to organizational success.
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