The Value to Young Pipeliners Committee (VYPC) is a Strategic Execution Committee with a mission to achieve the strategic initiative within the strategic plan.

Mission: To identify, develop and implement accessible networking, educational and industry exposure opportunities.

You like to plan and coordinate high quality events. You have a passion for learning as well as creating educational opportunities. You like to network and build relationships.


  • Develop a Canada wide network with local presence (chapters) in key regions.
  • Grow an engaged membership across Canada through various means including mentorship programming, event development and other unique and creative activities.
  • Ensure the development of high quality events which promote knowledge transfer, discussion and learning for young pipeliners.
  • Advocates for young pipeliners in the pipeline space.
  • Grow and engage a committee pertaining to value to young pipeliners.

VYPC & 2019 YPAC Conference Chair – Kendra Ryan

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